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CE 4710 and CE 5710
Case Study in Transportation Enginering
Homework 1
due Wed September 09
Question 1
  1. Please explain the differences between the following three concepts as they affect the provision of transportation services:

    1. Mobility for traffic

    2. Mobility for people

    3. Access for people

  2. According to Litman, effective transportation planning focuses on providing access, not necessarily mobility.  Describe some of the specific types of strategies in transportation and land use planning that tend to improve access without the need for excessive vehicle or personal mobility.

  3. Litman draws a distinction between 'growth' and 'development'.  Based on his definition, would you say that increase in mobility is more associated with 'growth' or with 'development'?  Please explain your answer.

Question 2

What was the percentage point increase in car mode for commuter travel in the USA between 1960 and 2010?

A small number of cities have actually experienced a decrease in car mode share over the period 1960 to 2010.  Is this decrease in car use an indication of a decrease in mobility or an increase in access in these cities?  Please explain.



Question 3


Two potential future scenarios for gas prices are as follows:  Scenario 1 - Gas Price is $1 per Gallon, Scenario 2 - Gas Price is $10 per gallon.  

Discuss changes in i) transportation and ii) land use that could potentially occur for each of these two scenarios.  Assuming that the gas price level for each scenario would be maintained over a period of at least five years.  Use Litman's three levels of planning impacts (direct impacts, indirect short term impacts, indirect long term impacts) to organize your answer.


Please limit response to no more than 2 typewritten pages

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