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CE 4710 and CE 5710
Case Study in Transportation Engineering
Homework 5
due Monday October 05
Question 1

Two different ways of conceptualizing sustainability are i) the three legged stool model, and ii) the nested box model.  Describe how the three domains of sustainability are treated in each of these two models.


Explain the practical importance between these two different models.

Which one of these approaches is recommended by Low


 Question 2


For each of Haughton’s Equity Principles, list two specific objectives of transportation/land use planning that could relate to that principle.


Question 3

The Connecticut Transportation Index for Sustainable Places list 4 goals for each of the three domains of transportation sustainability (given on slides 52 to 54 in Lecture 8).  Which of these goals support the following Haughton's Equity Principles:  i) Intragenerational Equity, ii) Transfrontier Equity and iii) Interspecies Equity.  


Please explain your answers.


Question 4

Low says "We need to curb consumption while spreading the capacity to consume".  

Please explain what this statement mean to you.





Please limit response to no more than 2 typewritten pages

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