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CE 2710
Introduction to Transportation Engineering
Homework 10
due Mon December 10
Question 1



Outline the distinguishing characteristics between system time design and context time (shared space) design (see Slides 7 and 8 in the HW Slide deck).

Which of these approaches is more suitable for pedestrian oriented places? Why?

Comparing Slides 9 and 10 in the HW Slide deck.  Describe the changes that have been made in the street design to make the street in Slide 10 more context time in design.  How do you think these changes will affect vehicle speeds?

Question 2


The features outlining the characteristics of a good urban street network is given in Slide 2 of the HW Slide deck. 

Describe which of these characteristics are violated by the network in Slide 3.

Slide 4 shows, based on our research at UConn, the evolution in street patterns in California over the last several decades.  Which of the characteristics of a good urban street network is violated by the 1950s street pattern.

Rate the Storrs Center street network pattern (Slide 5) on how well it meets the seven characteristics of a good urban street network on a 10 point scale (10 is best).

Question 3


Sketch freehand the following types of circular intersections

  1. A traditional rotary or traffic circle

  2. A modern roundabout (urban compact)

  3. A neighborhood traffic circle

Your sketch should be roughly to scale and you should label the most important elements in the intersections.
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