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CE 2710
Introduction to Transportation Engineering
Homework 2
due Wed September 15
Question 1

Cities of Zurich and Frankfurt are roughly the same distance apart as Hartford and Philadelphia – about 175 miles.  Estimate the total desk-to-desk travel time between the center of each of these pair of cities by i) rail, ii) air and iii) car, respectively. Please try to include all elements of the travel time including any walking time that is involved (but don't go crazy - a good guestimate will do).  State the assumptions you made in developing your estimates.  Present your results in a table showing columns for a) out of vehicle travel time,   b) in vehicle travel time, and c) total travel time


Briefly summarize  the main differences for this travel time comparison between the two sets of city pairs. 

Question 2

Please explain in your own words the concept of Ein Ticket für Alles?   

Outline at least 3 specific ways in which Ein Ticket für Alles might affect or influence travel behavior?



Investigate to see if you can find a transit program in Connecticut that is similar to Ein Ticket für Alles?  If there is, what is it called?
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