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CE 2710
Introduction to Transportation Engineering
Homework 5
due Wed October 14
Please answer the following questions based on the video "Divided Highways" that will be shown on October 7 and 8. 
Here is an on-line link to "Divided Highways"
  1. Highways of the 1930s, such as the German Autobahns, were called 'dream highways' in Divided Highways.  Describe the main physical features that set these highways apart from other roadways of the time.

  2. Who was Norman Bel Geddes, and what was his role in the development of the interstate system?

  3. In addition to Norman Bel Geddes, the video talks extensively about a number of historic individuals who played major roles in the development of the road systems in the U.S. Name one of these individuals and describe his/her role.

  4. In your opinion, what are the three top benefits that the interstate highway system brought to America.

  5. One of the recurring topics of the video is how the construction of the interstate highway system negatively affected communities. Describe one of these negative effects and give an example of where this occurred (either from the video or from your own experience – you may include discussion of negative experiences with highway construction in other countries as well).

  6. Another recurring topic is how certain communities opposed the construction of the interstate highways.  Describe the experience of one of these communities that successfully stopped the highway.  In retrospect, do you think this has helped or hurt that community?

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