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CE 4710 and CE 5710
Case Study in Transportation Engineering
Homework 3
due Wednesday September 18
Question 1

In “The Highway and the City”, Mumford states that we need "a better transportation system, not just more highways".  

Based on Mumford's description what are the main features characterizing a good (or better) transportation system?


Question 2

  1. In "City of Bikes" Pete Jordan described the 1960s as a tough time for bikers in Amsterdam. Based on this reading, what would you say are the main factors that steered Amsterdam to pursue a more auto-oriented, less sustainable approach to transportation planning in the 1960s?

  2. In the 1970s, the city government in Amsterdam switched its approach and adopted more bike-friendly policies.  What were some of the main elements and tacits of this new approach?

Question 3

The title of Chapter 16 in "The City of Bikes" is “A Bike is Something Yet Almost Nothing!” What do you think is implied by this statement.


Please limit response to no more than 2 typewritten pages

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