CE 2710
Introduction to Transportation Engineering
Homework 2
Question 1

The rail map shows that there was rail service in most towns in southern New 

England prior to 1929. 


Based on this map, select two sections of this rail network to research for this HW.  One section should be one with existing rail service and the second should be one with no existing rail service. Chose sections close to where you grew up or where you live now. 


Your task is to determine the fate of this rail by answering, to the best of your ability, the following questions:


For the section with rail service


  1. What type of service is it? Intercity passenger service, Commuter passenger service, or Freight service.

  2. How frequent is this service?

  3. Who operates the service?

  4. Who owns the tracks?



For the section with no rail service


  1. Is the right-of-way (ROW) still existing?

  2. Are the tracks still in place?

  3. Is the ROW used and, if so, for what?

Question 2

Cities of Zurich and Frankfurt are roughly the same distance apart as Hartford and Philadelphia – about 175 miles.  Estimate the total desk-to-desk travel time between the center of each of these pair of cities by i) rail, ii) air and iii) car, respectively. Please try to include all elements of the travel time including any walking time that is involved.  State the assumptions you made in developing your estimates.  Present your results in a table.

Question 3

Please explain in your own words the concept of Ein ticket für Alles?   

What are specific ways in which Ein ticket für Alles might affecting travel behavior?