CE 2710
Introduction to Transportation Engineering
Homework 4
due Wed February 20
Question 1

I.  Please explain the differences between the following three concepts as they affect the provision of transportation services

         1. Vehicle traffic flow

         2. Mobility for people/goods

         3. Access for people


II.  According to Littman (the author of the article on which the class notes are based), effective transportation planning focuses on providing access and not necessarily mobility.  Describe at least three specific types of strategies in transportation and land use planning that tend to improve access while decreasing mobility.


III. Littman draws a distinction between 'growth' and 'development'.  Based on his definition, would you say that increase in mobility is more associated with 'growth' or 'development'?  Please explain your answer.

Question 2
The graph above illustrates the concept of induced traffic.  Often, after a road is widened, the actually traffic increase turns out to be greater than traffic predicted prior to widening.  Based on Todd Littman’s “three levels of planning impact”, discuss specific mechanisms at each of the three levels of impact that might contribute to this induced or extra traffic.


Question 3

Please explain the difference between “scenario” based transportation planning and “predict and provide” based transportation planning. 

Use a diagram to illustrate the difference between trip distribution and route assignment in the Four Step transportation modeling process.

Question 4

Metronorth stations in Connecticut often do not have sufficient parking.  Three engineers  assigned the task of developing a lasting solution to this problem writes the following three very different problem statements to reflect their understanding of the issue:


"Provide adequate access to the Metronorth rail system."

"Make sure that there is enough parking spaces to meet the demand at all Metronorth stations."

"Provide improve access to jobs for Connecticut residents using the Metronorth System."


Which of the three fits Litman's definition of being being a broad based goal?


Make a list of possible short term and long term steps that can be taken to achieve the outcome outlined by each of the three statements.