CE 2710
Introduction to Transportation Engineering
Homework 9
due Wed April 24
Question 1

For each of the four vertical curves show in the attachment (click here for attachment) calculate the following:


  1. K and r

  2. station of BVC and EVC

  3. elevation of point at a distance, L/4, from BVC and EVC

  4. station of turning point

  5. elevation of turning point

  6. elevation of mid-point of each curve

Question 2

Draw a 1/R plot for the following alignment.

The alignment is as follows

Station 0+00 to 12+00     A circular curve to the right (radius = 1000 feet)

Station 12+00 to 14+00   A spiral curve

Station 14+00 to 22+00   A circular curve to the right (radius = 2000 feet)

Station 22+00 to 30+00   A circular curve to the left (radius = 3000 feet)

Station 30+00 to 35+00   A spiral curve

Station 35+00 to 40+00   A tangent segment

Calculate the k value for the second spiral curve.