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CE 4710 and CE 5710
Case Study in Transportation Enginering
Homework 2
due Monday September 10
Question 1
  1. List some of the negative factors that Marshall stated was brought into the cities by the coming of the railroad.

  2. Based on the Marshall reading develop as comprehensive a list as possible of the distinguishing physical features of a) pre-car, and b) post-car urban places.

  3. Give two examples of places you know that exhibit features of pre-car and post-car urbanity, respectively.  To your knowledge, are travel patterns different in these places.  Please explain.

Question 2

Which of the following sections of Storrs downtown confirm to i) new urbanist planning, ii) post car planning, respectively?

  1. Price Chopper Area

  2. Dog Lane

  3. Wilbur Cross/Royce Circle

  4. Starbucks Plaza

Please describe how the new urbanism sections of town differ from the post car sections in terms of 

  1. Land-use and Mix

  2. Building Design

  3. Site Design

  4. Street Design




Please limit response to no more than 2 typewritten pages

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