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CE 4710 and CE 5710
Case Study in Transportation Engineering
Homework 5
due Monday October 1
Question 1

Newman and Kenworthy’s study of global cities gives data comparing six groups of cities on a number of dimensions relating to transportation sustainability (this discussion starts on pg. 111 of the reading).  This data is given in a series of tables, which contain average values for each group of cities.  They include parameters such as traffic deaths per 100,000 and percentage of GDP spent on transportation.

  1. Assign each of these parameters to the domain of sustainability under which they best fit.  For example, per capita carbon emission from transportation mostly fits under the environmental domain.  Note that not all the parameters can be directly tied to the transportation system and, as such, should not be included in this list.  For example, GRP per capita is not a direct measure of the sustainability of the transportation system.

  2. Based on the list you develop above, compare the group of cities on the basis of how well they are meeting sustainability goals in each of the three domains of sustainability.  Do not including the developing Asian Cities in this comparison since in the 1990s they were at a much different economic level from the other cities.



Question 2

For each of Haughton’s Equity Principles, list two specific objectives of transportation/land use planning that could relate to that principle.


Please limit response to no more than 2 typewritten pages

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