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CE 4720 and CE 5720
Street Design
Homework 6
due Thursday March 28
buffalo roundabout2.jpg

Lyngby Hovedgade, Lyngby, Denmark

Tactical Urbanism in Buffalo c2014

Question 1

Find three examples of tactical urbanism documented on the internet. Summarize the following

  1. The current situation at the site

  2. The problems that are being addressed with the tactical intervention

  3. The tactics that are being employed to address the problem

Question 2

Identify two cities that have converted or are planning to convert a one-way street system to two-way streets. Summarize the reasons given for this conversion, the physical changes are need to effect this conversion and any assessment of the success or failure of this conversion.

Question 3

What is alleyway culture in Melbourne, Australia?

When did alleyway culture develop?

What are some of the placemaking and other benefits of Melbourne laneway (or alleyway) culture?

Why are the features of the alleys that make them so conducive to this type of cultural use?

What were some of the design changes used to convert laneway from their original, more utility function.

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