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CE 4410
Site Design
Homework 10
due Wednesday, April 26
Question 1
Describe the purpose of a charrette.
Outline the main organization elements of a typical charrette.
Question 2
Outline and briefly describe the five main components of a form based code.
What are some of the optional component of a form based code?
Question 3
Based on the Miami 21 Atlas (or FBC regulation map) given in the notes, list the three main types of land-uses that are planned for Miami in the Miami 21 plan.
Question 4
NW 54 Street (betweeen NW 2nd and North Miami Avenue) is zoned T-5 on the Miami 21 Atlas.  Use Google Earth Streetview to examine the buildings along this stretch of street.  Does the current land use fit in with the zoned land use of T5?
The definition of the urban transect zones for Miami 21 is shown below:

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