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CE 4410
Site Design
Homework 9
due Wednesday, April 19
Question 1
Based on the class notes and your experience, list and describe at least 10 specific physical differences between a traditional place like Charleston and the sprawl development patterns that are shown.  
Look at things like the street design, the street network patterns, the buiding types and design, the relationship between buildings and street, the relationship between individual buildings and the location of the buildings on the site.
Are the new urbanist places more similar in character to Charleston or to the sprawl patterns?  Give specific examples.
Question 2
What is the origin of the term 'euclidean zoning'?
What are the three main types of restrictions used in Euclidean type zoning to control development patterns?
Give examples of specific examples of each of these three types of restrictions from a Connecticut town of your chosing.
Question 3
Based on the class notes, what seems to be the most important difference between Euclidean Zoning and Form Based Codes?
Question 4
Go hang out in Storrs Center (especialy if the weather is good).  List some examples of optional and resultant activities that you observe there?

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