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CE 4720 and CE 5720
Street Design
Homework 2
due Thursday February 4

Lyngby Hovedgade, Lyngby, Denmark

Question 1
Rate the streets shown in the slideshow on a 10 point scale on the degree to which the design seems to be in accordance with 'system' or 'context' based approach to design.  In this case, 10 represents the highest degree of 'context' based design.  In doing this rating keep in mind the characteristics of context time design as discussed in the literature.
Also rate each street on the extent to which the existing design seems to be a good fit for the context.
Question 2


Make a matrix to compare the differences in design between Hillside Road at UConn to the following three examples of contemporary shared space design: i) Lyngby Hovedgade, Lyngby, Denmark, ii) Kensington High Street, London, iii) Exhibition Road, London.


At a minimum you should compare differences in a) horizontal dimensions, b) elevation changes over the cross-section, c) use of lines, d) use of signs, e) material and space delineation, f) intersection design, g) operations and use of space by various class of users.


Based your comparison on the pictures in the class notes and on pictures from the internet and Google Earth.


What changes would you suggest to the design of Hillside Road to enable it to operate more like a shared space and to be more attractive.


Question 3

Please explain the difference between running speed and operating speed. 

For a given roadway, which of these two should have the larger value?

What range of operating speed would you expect to see on a road with a design speed of 50 mph,

given no congestion and no speed limits?  Please explain your answer.

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