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CE 4720 and CE 5720
Street Design
Homework 3
due Tuesday February 11

Lyngby Hovedgade, Lyngby, Denmark

Question 1

Please explain

  1. How design speed is selected in practice,

  2. What aspects of the design are directly or indirectly affected by design speed,

Question 2

A target speed approach is increasingly being adopted for designing urban streets. 

Please describe how the target speed approach to design is different from the design speed approach.

Give specific examples of design features of a street you are designing that would be different if you are using target speed versus design speed concept.

Question 3

Rate the roads in the slide show (below) based on the AASHTO definition of i) access, ii) mobility. 

Use the same scale from the lecture and plot each road on the S-curve of access versus mobility.

The first two parts of Question 3 and 4 can be done at the same time for each site.


Question 4

Classify each road in the slide show (below) by facility type using i) the AASHTO Functional Classification and ii) the ITE/CNU Classification system.  Use Google Earth to look at each thoroughfare in its network context.

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