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CE 4720 and CE 5720
Street Design
Homework 7
due Tuesday April 1

Lyngby Hovedgade, Lyngby, Denmark

Roundabout without Intersection, Hanover (NH), (source: NWG, 2014)

Question 1

Furth discusses four main types of bike facilities.

For each type, 

  1. Describe their physical characteristics,

  2. The conditions under which they are recommended for use.

Question 2

Bike boulevards are a large percentage of bike facilities in a number of American cities. 

  1. Based on your understanding of how a bike boulevard operates to which of the four facility types in question 1 would you assign bike boulevards?

  2. Discuss the most important design characteristics that are needed to ensure that a bike boulevard will be attractive and safe for bike users.

Question 3

What are the recommended frequency of i) between and ii) within neighborhood bicycle facility for a bicycle network.

Question 4

Find the roundabout shown about on Google map (it is on Route 10 in the Rivercrest section of Hanover, New Hampshire).  Based on the location and design, what do you think is the function of this roundabout?

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