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CE 4720 and CE 5720
Street Design
Homework 8
due Thursday April 8

Lyngby Hovedgade, Lyngby, Denmark

Gilbert and Mansfield, UCONN, Storrs (source: NWG, 2009)

Question 1

View the video of the UConn bus turning at Mansfield and Whitney.

Based on this video, explain the main factors contributing to the fact that the turning path for this bus is much more compact than the turning path for the AASHTO BUS design vehicle given in the notes.







Question 2

Estimate the difference in the size of the intersection with turning radius of 6, 14 and 37 feet, respective.

Use the intersection sketches in the class notes with 28 feet curb to curb width (starting at Slide 29).

Question 3

Create a visual representation of what the intersection of Gilbert and Mansfield would look like if it was designed to accommodate the AASHTO bus turning path.  Use the photo given above as the base for creating this visual model.  

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