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CE 4410
Computer Aided Site Design
Class 1- Wednesday, January 18
What is Site Design?
Case of Storrs Center
Homework 1 (due next Wed)
Class 2- Monday, January 23
No Class
Class 3- Wednesday, January 25
What is Site Grading?
Text Chapter 1
No Homework 
Class 4- Monday, January 30
Contours and Form 1
Text Chapter 3 
Class 5- Wednesday, February 1
Contours and Form 2
Text Chapter 4
Homework 2 (due next Wed)
Class 6- Monday, February 6
Grading of Roads
Text Chapter 5
Class 7- Wednesday, February 8
Grading 2
Text Chapter 5
Homework 3 (due next Wed)
Class 8- Monday, February 13
Grading 3
Text Chapter 5
Class 9- Wednesday, February 15
Text Chapter 8
Homework 4 (due next Wed)
Study Guide Quiz 1
Class 10
Class 10- Monday, February 20
Sam Goater
Project for Public Spaces
Street Design and Visualization 
for the Grand Theft Auto Generation
Class 11- Wednesday, February 22
Quiz 1
Class 12- Monday, February 27
Storm Water Management
Text Chapter 9
Class 13- Wednesday, March 1
Storm Water Volume (Rational Method)
Text Chapter 12
Homework 5 (due next Wed)
Class 14- Monday, March 6
Storm Water - Rational Method
Text Chapter 12
Class 22
Class 15- Wednesday, March 8
Storm Water - Modified Rational Method
Text Chapter 12
Homework 6 (due Wed after break)
No Class - Monday, March 13
No Class - Wednesday, March 15
Spring Break
Class 16- Monday, March 20
MRM - Volume of Storm Runoff
Text Chapter 12
Class 17- Wednesday, March 22
Green Approaches for Stormwater Management
Homework 7 (due next Wed)
Class 18- Monday, March 27
Elements of Green SWM
Text Chapter 14
Class 19- Wednesday, March 29
Designing Storm Water Systems 1
Text Chapter 14
Homework 8 (due next Wed)
Class 20- Monday, April 3
Designing Storm Water Systems 2
Text Chapter 14
Class 21- Wednesday, April 5
Designing Storm Water Systems 3
Text Chapter 14
Study Guide Quiz 2
Class 22- Monday, April 10
Quiz 2
Class 23- Wednesday, April 12
Conventional Zoning versus Form Based Codes
Homework 9 (due next Wed)
Class 24- Monday, April 17
The Practical Evolution of Zoning
Leslie Creane, AICP
Principal, Creane + Company
Chief of Staff to Mayor of Derby, CT

Leslie Creane, AICP currently serves as the Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Derby, CT. Ms. Creane served as the Town Planner for Hamden, CT for 13 years, ushering in the first municipal-wide form-based code in the State of CT.   She is also the Principal of Creane + Company, a land use consulting firm. Leslie has held positions as an urban designer, architectural designer, project manager, and housing policy analyst. In addition, she has taught architecture and urban planning and design at the University of Hartford, and Yale University.

In addition to her training as an architect and planner, Leslie is an experienced community organizer and gifted consensus builder. Having worked in the public, private and non-profit worlds, Leslie understands the process for getting things done in each sector. An out-of-the-box problem solver, Leslie is committed to making a better world for our children's children.


Leslie received a BS from Cornell University and a Masters in Architecture from the Yale University School of Architecture.

Class 25- Wednesday, April 19
Elements of Form Based Codes
Homework 10 (due next Wed)
Class 26- Monday, April 24
Form Based Codes
Class 27- Wednesday, April 26
Form Based Codes
Study Guide Finals

Norman W. Garrick

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